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Amaranthus ‘Coral Fountain’

Image of Amaranthus ‘Coral Fountain’

Pack of approx 1,000 seeds.

Colour: Coral, pink, deep pink.

Height: Up to 1m

A cut flower garden without Amaranthus would be akin to being all dressed up for the ball – without the jewels. It’s adds the most exquisite finishing touches to bouquets and arrangements. It’s in a thousand Pinterest inspiration images that come into my inbox. It longs to be included, to be different - to make the viewer go ‘wow’. It’s my ‘secret’ floral weapon when I want to impress and stand out from the usual floral offerings. Their beautiful trailing, tassels can be dried to add to Christmas decorations that will be the envy of all!

I chose ‘Coral Fountain’ for our Seed stories collection as opposed to the more common maroon red ‘Love lies Bleeding’ because the colour is softer and more versatile and ... just beautiful.

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